Methanol Fuel / Methanol Production

Methanol, What is Methanol used for and how is methanol made, specifically pertaining to methanol fuel. Methanol is similar chemical to Ethanol ini that is a flammable alcohol fuel. Methanol is considerably more mild in odor as compared to ethanol. It is one of another biodiesel fuel produced for various other purposes including :

  • Antifreeze Methanol
  • A denaturant in ethyl alcohol
  • A laboratory solvent
  • Methanol Fuel

With the usual traits associated with alcohols :

  • Methanol is a volatile chemical
  • Methanol is a colorless liquid
  • Also a poisonous liquid when consumed

The flame produced by a methanol reaction is practically without color. One of the reasons we chose to discuss methanol is due to its incorporation into almost all ethanol fuel products. One of the reasons methanol is used as an additive in ethanol production is that by adding a poisonous liquid to a potable liquid it avoid taxes applied to alcoholic beverages.

The most popular use for methanol is in creation of other chemicals. Roughly 40% of methanol is transformed into formaldehyde and after that it is used in many products such as textile construction, woods, common plastics, perhaps not so shockingly, explosives.

In recent years 2005 and later, George A. Olah put forth a suggested theory of an total methanol economy with energy storage in sythetically produced methanol. He and two additional authors published a book detailing their theory for a methanol economy. The biggest problem with this theory is that it makes production of methanol on a smaller scale not very feasible.

Methanol Used As An Internal Combustion Fuel For Automobile Engines

Methanol burns at a temperature similar to that at which ethanol burns, both of which burn at lower temperatures than normal gasoline as well as being less volatile which at certain temperatures can make your autobile engine more difficult to start. When compared to hydrocarbon fuels the consumption ratio of methanol is no where near as good, however when used to in conjunction with ignition engines methanol can be more energy efficient due to its higher octane rating.

Interesting Methanol Program Facts

Arnold Schwarzenegger discontinued the use of methanol in California after a successful institution of methanol vehicles in california for over 25 years in favor of ethanol fuel production, yet still atleast 50 gas stations running in california still provide ethanol fuel at their pumps.

Ethanol is now priced at 3 to 4 dollars per gallon, while methanol made from natural gas remains at .47 cents per gallon.

Interestingly enough all race cars run on methanol fuel. Thirty or fourty years ago a rule was passed to eliminate pure gasoline as a fueling agent for gas cars due to the massive clouds that are created if and when one car collides with another and an explosion occurs which causes a 'fog' where other cars can no longer see and continue to pile up. So now the Indianapolis 500 now requires the use of methanl gas as the only fuel allowed in race cars today.

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