Ethanol Trading

The Stock Market has yet to pay too much attention to ethanol trading. Perhaps investors are just not sure which way ethanol is going to go, whether the market will boom and burst like the .coms and biotechs, or whether they are already flat-lined. This ethanol trading article offers ideas and advice on what to do, but the writer is by no means an expert in the stock market, let alone the specific sector of ethanol trades. Nor is this article written with all the purity of a singularly financial perspective on trading ethanol stock. Nevertheless, it could be a good investment to buy up some ethanol stocks now, as it ethanol market is at least poised to expand.

Ethanol Stocks

The most well known ethanol stock available for ethanol trading on the market is PEIX (Pacific Ethanol, Inc.). As of mid November, 2008, they are valued at nearly their all time low of 7 cents per share. Their 52 week high is a little under 10 dollars per share. This could be a great investment opportunity. If ethanol takes off, this company could see huge expansion, which will expand the value of its shares. Just think, if they could regain their 52 week high, shares bought now would yield about 150 times the value they were purchased at. The American economy is unstable at the moment, and there is no guarantee that this company is going to come out on top. But ethanol trading is a young industry, and it is more likely it will see significant expansion before it collapses, if it ever does. It is true that not every ethanol company is guaranteed to catch the rising tide of the ethanol movement, or that the tide will even rise to begin with. However, the stock market is always a gamble and my bet is on this one being a winner.

Ethanol Trades

Another good reason to invest in ethanol trades is because this money can ultimately help fuel the company to success. Companies need capital to expand, and no idea, no matter how brilliant, can turn a dime without first spending one. So by investing in an ethanol stock like PEIX, you are putting your money to work in the ethanol market, giving it a shot at success. Its somewhat like making an economic vote in favor of ethanol production to invest in companies such as this. You could lose money, but you could also make money, and either way you provided financial support to a business whose aim is to produce a fuel that is proven to be a viable successor to gasoline.

The Ethanol Market

The ethanol market is quiet, to be sure, which is not exactly a bad thing for ethanol trading. It could be seen as a preparation stage, but doubtfully to be seen as a dying industry. I think its practically certain that the ethanol market is going to expand, its just not obvious which companies will succeed and which will fail. But given Pacific Ethanol's relatively high attention and market presence when it comes to ethanol companies, this one has a good shot at helping the planet and making you a few bucks while they are it it!

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