Ethanol Fuel

Ethanol Fuel comes from ethyl alcohol, the same kind used in alcoholic beverages. Ethanol fuel is a more eco-friendly alternative to gasoline (though there is some debate over this). It is certainly true that the consumption of ethanol fuel releases less greenhouse gases into the atmosphere... less per gallon of carbon dioxide then gasoline. Also, gasoline releases minute amounts of other greenhouses gases, whereas ethanol fuel only releases the carbon dioxide. The debate comes from the environmental and economic cost of the ethanol production process as compared to the gasoline production process. Of course, many of the arguments in favor of gasoline use Corn Ethanol Yields as the type of ethanol they compare to gasoline. While arguments against this kind of ethanol fuel do point out some disadvantages of ethanol, they are only looking at a small part of the picture.

Ethanol Fuel Making

The way that ethanol fuel making occurs is to take starches, break them down into sugars, let the solution ferment, and then distill out the ethanol. Ethanol fuel making is a great activity to get involved in. Performed properly, this task can save the consumer money over the price of gasoline AND is more environmentally friendly too.

Ethanol Fuel Mileage

Ethanol fuel mileage is not actually significantly more efficient per gallon than gasoline. However, ethanol prices per gallon can easily beat gasoline prices per gallon. So if you make ethanol even somewhat efficiently, you are bound to save money. If you arent going to get involved in the actual process of ethanol fuel making, you can still buy ethanol fuel at e85 stations. Only e85 compatible vehicles can use the fuel at e85 stations, so you must make sure your car is one of these e85 compatible vehicles. Click on this link for information about cars that burn all ethanol. If it is, you can go to any of the many e85 stations, of which there are 1200 in the US alone. That may not sound like many, but there are on average 30-40 e85 stations per state, so you may be able to find one relatively close to you. Even if your car is not one of the e85 compatible vehicles, you can get an e85 conversion kit. Then you can be making ethanol fuel on your own or buying it from e85 stations with a smile on your face! And here in the US, not only are e85 stations a new development, but as a country we have alot of growth potential for ethanol expansion and thus the potential for a great deal more e85 stations.

Ethanol as an Alternative Fuel

The reasons for using ethanol as an alternative fuel are numerous. Its cheaper, better for the environment, and you can do it yourself. The only drawback is the initial time investment to learn about and use Ethanol Stills. Especially challenging is cellulosic ethanol production, but this is THE best place to look if you're interested in how to make ethanol cheaply for your car. Other than that, e85 ethanol as an alternative fuel could be the solution, or at least part of the solution, to the global energy crisis. As far as equipment need for using ethanol as an alternative fuel, you can find ethanol distilleries for sale if you aren't really interestd in building one. Whether your looking to build or buy, read on...

Ethanol Fuel Stills

Ethanol Fuel Stills are distillation equipment used to convert starches into e85 ethanol fuel. You need one of these or something like it to make ethanol fuel cheaply and efficiently. They are available online and you could also learn about them and build one yourself, but odds are you're better off just buying one, because even though making one is relatively simple, its difficult to make ethanol fuel stills that produce high quality e85 ethanol. That is, without prior experience. But even if you pay a hundred dollars for ethanol fuel stills, and you use them well, you will have saved as much money as you spent in 3 refills of your tank on average.