Ethanol expansion

Ethanol expansion is a very real thing in American society. As of 2006 there were 100 ethanol refineries in the U.S., and now there are at least half as many more underconstruction. Ethanol expansion is the wave of the fuel future, as we look for more cost efficient, environmentally friendly, and self-reliant solutions to our fuel needs. With various cellolusic ethanol grants, as well as other ethanol grants being distributed all the time, we are in a position to help ethanol expansion and make ethanol in an effort to cut down on the demand for oil. E85 refueling stations are popping up all over the place.

Fuel is a treasure. In todays world, energy is one of the most valuable commodities one can possess. We rely so heavily upon energy that we can often feel naked and vulnerable without it. Just think of the last time your power went out. Some people may find these times to be a breath of fresh air, but many don't know what to do with themselves. And god forbid your power goes out at work.. many businesses will expect to continue operations when there is no power, which is in many cases manageable, but terrifying for employees who have grown so accustom to their productivity being fueled by machines. So, e85 ethanol expansion is putting us in a position to literally turn trash into treasure, and to give back to mother nature. We have to be smart about this though.. it appears that corn ethanol is not the answer to our prayers. If we focus on this too long, ethanol expansion my slow down when it needs to instead pick up. The money people save from this kind of ethanol will take a long time paying for any ethanol stills, and if people need e85 conversion kits, its going to be even longer. This is why ethanol expansion needs more eco and cost friendly feedstocks to be industrialized; people will have difficulty paying for their ethanol cars if the ethanol prices are not low enough.

Perhaps one day, ethanol expansion will meet the world's demand for fuel and we will no longer need gasoline to fuel our vehicles. Perhaps ethanol expansion will never get there. Some things are certain though. Ethanol fuel is a renewable resource. Gasoline is not. The consumption of ethanol releases only one greenhouse gas. Gasoline releases several. Ethanol releases less of its one greenhouse gas than gasoline does. Greenhouse gas emissions will eventually destroy all human life, unless we severely reduce our emission rates. The conclusion is that we must find an alternative fuel source, and in many cases an alternative lifestyle, or we will destroy ourselves. Or perhaps our children. Or perhaps theirs. Ethanol expansion may not be the only answer. It may be only part of the answer. But we need to at least begin to answer the question of 'how will we endure', or we will not. The day the gasoline runs out, we need to be ready to no longer need it. We need to get away from gasoline before it is too late. Ethanol production and ethanol consumption need to increase to cut into our oil demand. And right now, before it is too late, we can get behind ethanol expansion, and we can buy ourselves some time. And if we buy enough time, maybe we will have time to spare. So if you can, get into ethanol distillation so that you can do your part for the environment and start saving money today. The subject of how to make ethanol is pretty comprehensively covered here, so I hope it encourages you to get involved!

So, if you think that ethanol expansion is a sham, if you buy into the anti ethanol expansion hype, or even if you have something legitimate to say against ethanol expansion, think about the simple facts. One day our ozone will be completely depleted and/or the gas will be gone. So what are we to do? If you don't feel that ethanol expansion is the answer, or even part of the answer, then start looking for a different answer than gasoline. It's fine to speak out against ethanol expansion... after all the disadvantages of ethanol are amplified with ethanol expansion. Nevertheless you should have a better alternative than gasoline. To speak out against ethanol expansion in favor of gasoline is tantamount to saying 'there is no hope, we must use gas until we destroy ourselves, this was bound to end, enjoy it while it lasts'. I, for one, believe that even if ethanol expansion can not save us, it can at least delay the end that pro-oilers are apparently so excited about reaching. I believe that ethanol expansion could set the stage for a return to humanity co-existing with the earth, and not the current state of plundering it for resources that it cannot replenish.