Ethanol Cars

What are ethanol cars? Ethanol cars are cars that burn all ethanol. Any vehicle on the road today can use ethanol gasoline. Not many cars today have been converted to run on purely ethanol gasoline, however in the future ethanol cars may be popping up more and more as our gas prices are steadily increasing. Cars that burn all ethanol at this time are converted most times by the owner of the vehicle to provide a cheaper alternative to gasoline. Most cars that use ethanol at the moment are using what we refer to as e85 ethanol fuel. Car manufacturers are currently not creating nor supplying an e85 conversion kit to switch their vehicles over to the 'flex fuel' vehicle status. If you take a look at the owner's manual of your car you may be able to locate a section that describes fuels that may be used for your car. Oft times you will discover that your car's fuel should not consist of more than 10% alcohol, and as such if you were to use more than the prescribed amount of alcohol in your fuel you would be breaking the manufacturer's warranty for your vehicle. E85 cars or ethanol cars are usually built with a corrosion resistant fuel system. Generally rubber or plastic is used to avoid corrision caused by your fueling agent. Additionally ethanol cars usually provide a gauge to display the current levels of ethanol to gasoline and provide a sensor to determine these levels.

Cars that burn all Ethanol

Wondering how you can use ethanol in your car? At this point you have limited choices when dealing with e85 conversion. You can venture into ethanol production for yourself and make ethanol yourself, possibly in your own backyard. Making ethanol yourself involves a little bit of knowledge on how to make ethanol, and ethanol distillation. You can build your own ethanol still and get to work on the cheapest solution home made ethanol. Another option is through the e85 conversion kits which you may find for sale on the market. Ethanol prices can vary depending upon the quality of the ethanol gasoline and how exactly it is being produced. Due to the varying methods by which ethanol gasoline is produced the price of the ethanol can vary from one company to the next. Some vendors create their fuel from corn ethanol, others from cellulosic ethanol, and still others straight from sugarcane. These various methods will alter the methods as well as pricing for ethanol for your car.

Future ethanol cars

As the ethanol expansion takes place throughout the world you may find fluctuation in ethanol prices as well as a more common method of e85 car conversion. Ethanol gasoline will most likely become more readily available to each of us as the years go by and we are forced to change to a 'greener' fuel solution. Currently ethanol cars are more of a novelty to those who know what to do for their vehicles and how to make the ethanol themselves. This could be seen as one of the current disadvantages of ethanol, but more vendors are providing ethanol fuel as well as the ethanol conversion kits for cars so that one day you may find an ethanol gasoline station on every corner. Future ethanol cars that burn all ethanol will most likely be available for everyone to purchase as a standard model.