E85 Conversion

One draw back of the entire ethanol expansion revolution is the cost of e85 conversion for your car. Its possisble that your car is already one of the ethanol cars but if not, it can cost a decent amount to prep your car for ethanol fuel. As one example, the kind of car I drive would cost $650 at one retailer to make it one of the e85 cars. Of course, it could easily be worth the cost of e85 conversion if you live near one of the e85 gas stations. Or, if you make your own ethanol, you could make your investment back that way too. And if you make cellulosic ethanol, you could potentially make back your investment on your e85 conversion even faster.

E85 Conversion Kit

Like I said, my e85 conversion kit would cost me roughly $650. It would take awhile for me to make that back, and I live in an area where there are no e85 stations nearby. So I would also have to get an ethanol still in addition to my e85 conversion kit in order to start taking advantage of ethanol prices. I may be in the worst possible situation when it comes to being interested in how to make ethanol. But thats ok, because maybe I could buy one of the ethanol distilleries for sale online and start my own small business. First I could try to get some government funding, which may help me to pay for my ethanol conversion kit, but mainly for the ethanol still. If I could turn my car into one fo the ethanol cars off of that money, thats all the better. Even if not, I should be able to pay for the still and start saving money by taking advantage of the ethanol prices, if only at a 10% ratio to gasoline. And I could find out if any of my friends or colleagues have one of the 85 conversion cars so that I could sell ethanol to them. I would start off my trying to make ethanol out of anything I could find that is waste... I would make corn ethanol only if I didn't have enough waste material to make ethanol out of waste.

E85 Convserion Kits for Sale

I used myself as an example because I feel like demographically I'm in the worst position to get into the business of ethanol. But the idea is that if I could reasonably pull it off, so can you. Government funding may help you pay for one of the e85 conversion kits for sale, and even if not, you may at least be able to start your own small business, either saving or making the investment back until you can afford the e85 conversion kit. Of course, this is one of the disadvantages of ethanol, the time and money you need to invest into becoming a part of the ethanol movement. But the hope is that in the end, both you and the planet will be compensated for the extra effort!